Nothing Better Than Vodka.

Well another holiday spent drinking Vodka and hating my mother more. Another day where I wish papa was alive and being here for me.

It’s 2:40 here in Australia and I’ve already picked up the drink. If my mother was here she would be telling me I am an alcoholic. Hah! But seriously. I hate holidays now. There is always something horrible that happens and I end up crying. But alas, this year should be better than last. I doubt some one will eat my chocolate anyway. 

I’m am surrounded by people whom love me and respect me. I feel happy at the moment. But we’ll see how that goes… 

A lot has happened since I last posted; I no longer talk to that guy I once fell for. The most contact we have a eye contact during worship at Youth. But I feel ready to be JUST FRIENDS with him. I want nothing more from him. But I feel as though he cannot do that. 
My friend Gab came down from Queensland and we had a BBQ. I said hello to Josh and he chocked… I don’t think he was expecting me to say hello. I even caught him checking me out when I was wearing my bikini. How funny.
Another thing, my mother has given me all “my” “stuff” back. It just so happens to junk I have never seen before. Hahaha Nice try mother.

She sold the house. Wow. The bitch hahahahahahahha

As I write this I am getting drunker and drunker. Whooops hahaha 

I should should leave it here for now before I say something bad… TTYL Lovelies ❤