Was it THE cabin?

Just after I finished my last post I went for a bush walk up to the top of one of the hills surround the town.  Let’s just say, it was interesting.

The fresh scent of Eucalyptus, the song of Bell Birds, the crunches of my footsteps filled the atmosphere. 20 degrees Celsius, overcast and about to rain I walked up the steep track and stairs to one of the look outs. I had never seen anything quite like the view! Starting from the left I could see the lake, then the football stadium, the hospital, the church, the shopping centre and all the homes. I stood on the edge of the cliff Letting the breeze run through my hair. But I heard footsteps. And they weren’t coming from the track… 

I continued my journey along watching the different angles of the view change as I walk further and further. Down the track was a figure, sitting on a rock. I froze. “Could this be the persons footsteps I heard?” I was thinking. I hid behind a tree paranoid this figure could attack me at any moment. And what made the situation worse was, I was far away from civilization and by myself with no water. But I stared at the figure for a while and realized it was a statue. So I walked up to it and found the eyes had been crossed out with a sharp object and both hands were cut off. I started to worry.

I pressed on through my negative thoughts and kept walking. The footsteps still following me. I got to a fork in the track. Robert Frost once said “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I’m sorry I could not travel both”, I was sorry I didn’t take the other track. I walked along thinking of what school would be like this year and keeping an ear out for those footsteps. But they had stopped… What? 

I got to a road and decided I’ll follow it, knowing curiosity killed to cat I kept going. I saw this Cabin. And it looked just like the one from Cabin In The Woods. I knew I had to get out of there. This was not right. 

I ran back down the track. I didn’t care about the tree branches hitting me, I WANTED OUT AND FAST! I heard voices and saw shadows of figures lurking from where I just came from. I ran faster. Running out of breath and getting dizzy, I went off track away from sight and calmed down. It was quiet. The only sound was of nature going on with it’s daily life. I convinced myself I was just being paranoid and I watch too many horror films. So, I continued. I got about half way between the cabin and the road where the track started before I hear footsteps again. But this time I saw the figure. I wasn’t imaging it. It was there! 

I heard the masculine voice of a grown man call out “Stop, or you’ll get it!”. I ran as fast as I could. Saying my prayers to God because I knew, He’d either get me out in time or, this man will do unspeakable things to me. 

“Oi you little shit, I’ll get you hahaha!” He yelled again. I could see he was holding some form of knife. “You’re not fit enough to run the rest of the way and I bet I can find you if you hide!”. He was right. I wasn’t fit enough to run the rest of the way and he probably knew this whole area really well. But adrenaline made me keep running. That was until I fell, hit my head on a rock and was complete knocked out cold. But I knew. He got me.